About Chimpanzees and their regular diet plan

Chimpanzees are actually omnivores and they are eating only nuts, fruits, blossoms, seeds and also leaves. But sometimes they are occasionally eating insects and meat of the small/medium sized mammals. The chimps are just like the humans and a chimpanzee diet plan is most probably simple and healthy fruits and vegetables. As they are similar to the humans, they have such the different sense of tastes. This is why the chimpanzees are able to live in the different types of habitats unlike the orang-utans and gorillas that have more specialized diet plan in the wild region.

When it comes to the male chimpanzees, they are co-operatively and also occasionally hunt to kill and also eat some other mammals such as monkeys, pigs and antelope. According to the latest research, the chimps are hunting for eating the meats along with the vegetarian diet. During the research process, the experts have found that the chimpanzees are following the method of hunting process to attack the enemies as the group the chimps to kill and ate the red colobus monkeys. Some of the popular types of foods in the daily diet of the chimpanzees will be,

  • Figs – Besides the figs are delicious and nutritious food, it is the excellent source of energy to the chimps.

  • Fruits – The chimpanzees are often eating different types of fruits like bananas, mangoes, apples and watermelons.

  • Leaves and blossoms – When there are not fruits, they have a habit of eating leaves and blossoms of the different trees.

  • Seeds and nuts – The chimps are most probably eating the oil palm nuts and sometimes panda and kola nuts.

  • Honey – Honey is the most favorite food of almost all chimpanzees and they are using the various techniques to open the nests and get the raw honey to taste.

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