About the beautiful bird Blaumeise and its behaviors

Blaumeise is actually the most beautiful and attractive type of bird species which is most probably small in its size but it is coming from the family of tits. It is very easy to find with its impressive yellow and blue color combination. This type of blaumeise bird is most commonly found in the Central parts of Europe. The preferable options of habitats for birds will be mixed forests with the higher oaks share and also deciduous forests. In the Central Europe, the people can generally see this bird in the gardens and parks.

Besides the European countries, the blaumeises are also found in some of other areas of North Africa, adjacent areas of Asia and also in the Canary Islands. It is also known as the blue tit and it is the lively small song birds belonging to the family of tit. The size of this small bird is approximately 11.5 centimeter and it will have only the weight of 10 g. It has the blue ice and the average age of this bird will be about 5 years. Some of these species are died at the age of one year because of the various environmental reasons. The strong and healthy blaumeises can live up to 5 years in the mixed forests, parks and gardens with the more numbers of trees.

When considering the food and eating behavior of this bird, it will probably eat the spiders, larvae, small insects and also seeds. If it is the winter season, these blaumeises will adapt themselves and become the grains eaters. The mother bird will feed the seed or other types of foods to the kids in the nesting area. Those blaumeises which are all in the gardens usually prefer eating the peanuts throughout the day. The females will sing the song in the versatile voice which is so beautiful and pleasant to hear.

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