All about ibis bird

Ibis is a kind of bird that mostly found in all over the world, but most commonly lives in the more temperature regions such as the southern hemisphere. The ibis bird facts is well known for its beaks and long necks that help them to obtain food out of the water. You have also found this bird in the inhabiting areas, where there is a large amount of water available. This kind of bird usually enjoys eating the aquatic animals, so it could be often preferred in the areas like marshes, wetlands and swamps, where the foods are in abundance.

Basically, the ibis bird belongs to the family Threskiornithidae and otherwise known as scared ibis. One of the varieties of this bird is white ibises that appear very large as well as a quite bigger than the white-faced heron. This white ibis has long, thick, a black head and neck as well as a black down-curved bill. The tips of ibis wings are also black and show at rest. The ibis legs are also black and long as well. During flight, the neck of this bird is out-stretched and their wings are blunt-ended and broad. These wings help to beat a little quicker than the heron’s. However, there is a huge variety available in ibis that could be differed in the entire coloration.

The white ibis can be identified by its color of body, neck and head. You have commonly found this in eastern and northern Australia. The most preferred habitats of ibis bird are including floodplains, swamps, grasslands and lagoons, but it also has a successful inhabitant of gardens and urban parks. Generally, the ibis can build nest close to the large amount of water such as lake during the mating season. Thus, the ibis has diet of more carnivorous and hunts for frogs, crabs, insects, small reptiles, etc.

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