Wonderful features of having Himalayan kittens

The most popular Himalayan kittens are also called as Himmy and it is sub breed of long haired cat which is identified at the type of Persian. These kinds of cats are having thick hair and blue colored eye because it has to sustain in Himalayan. When it comes to the appearance of the himalayan kittens then it is quiet similar to the Persians car and it is having round body along with the short legs. Basically this cat is the combination of the two different kinds of breeds and it has very small ...

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Facts and habitat information about arctic wolf

The arctic wolf is a sub-species of the grey wolf that mostly found and lives in the arctic regions of Greenland and North America. This type of wolf is not feared by hunting and habitat destruction like Southern relatives. In fact, it is the only type of arctic wolf that is not threatened for anything. When compared to grey wolves, the arctic wolf facts is looking very smaller, but has shorter muzzles and small ears in order to retain its body heat. The size of an arctic wolf is about 1 to ...

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About Chimpanzees and their regular diet plan

Chimpanzees are actually omnivores and they are eating only nuts, fruits, blossoms, seeds and also leaves. But sometimes they are occasionally eating insects and meat of the small/medium sized mammals. The chimps are just like the humans and a chimpanzee diet plan is most probably simple and healthy fruits and vegetables. As they are similar to the humans, they have such the different sense of tastes. This is why the chimpanzees are able to live in the different types of habitats unlike the ...

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