Everything to know about the caiques

The caiques are the types of parrots and it is relatively stocky, short, very bright colors and square tail parrot. It is the best and great companion for the human being because it is offered plenty of love. If you are looking to select the caiques then you should consider some factor such as great personality, affordable and whistle happy tunes. There are different colors of species are available so choosing the best one is most important. BHC is also known as black head caiques and it is having gray feet and shiny black heads. It is having the well structured organ around the neck and tails & backs are designed with the forest green. But WBC is entirely different from this species and white bellied caiques are having yellow color head and wings & things are in yellow color under the tail.

When it comes to the price of this parrot then it is varying from caiques. In case you are looking to buy the breed or older age bird then it is comes with the high cost effective price. But people have to take care of this bird constantly and it could be the perfect companion for human being. This kind of bird is happy bird and it prefers playing with the toys or human being. It is having ability to respond well and it is needed constant human attraction.

Unfortunately African grey can’t able to speak but most of the caiques are speaking with human being what they can understand. When it comes to the food requirement for this parrot then it is easy to offer food. People can provide the vegetables, pasta, stable foods and fresh fruits. People should provide fresh water to this parrot which is most important for them and try to avoid alcohol, chocolate and caffeine that is really harmful to your bird.

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