Kakarikis- Facts, history and wild information

The Kakarikis are also known as the New Zealand parakeets, which is a common species of the parakeets. The kakariki bird belongs to the family Psittacidae and Cyanoramphus genus. The parakeet is one of the three species and other two birds are yellow in color. Actually, the meaning of kakariki bird is a very small parrot and appears in green color. Its patches are in red color. This sub-species bird is native to the place of New Zealand and it can be endangered as a result of destruction habitat that follows the nest predation as well as human settlement by introducing mammals. However, this red color parakeet is widespread across the places in New Zealand than other two species.

The average size of the male bird is about 27cm and the female parakeet bird is slightly smaller than male in terms of length, which has a little beak. The weight of male is usually around 60g and the females are very lighter than that. Therefore, the average lifespan of kakariki is around 15 to 20 years. These birds are relatively found in a wide range of colors such as blue, natural green and red crown. In fact, these birds have more tolerance capacity than any other birds. Its recommended flight is around minimum of 3x2x2m.

Normally, the kakariki bird has very great characters since a young age. This bird is good to handle and all round eaters too that take all kinds of foods such as hemp, millet, sunflower, peanuts, Niger, canary seed, linseed, pine nuts, safflower and sweet corn. It also eats fruits and vegetables like apple, orange, berries, kiwi, kale, spinach and carrots. It also takes greens such as cabbage, dandelion and leaves. The male kakariki has loved to eat dried chilies. Unlike any other birds, the Kakarikis are enjoying taking bird bath and usually soaked their wings in the water.

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