Personality, food and behavior of the rainbow lorikeet bird

The rainbow lorikeet is basically the species of the parrot probably found in the Australia. It is the commonly found bird among the eastern seaboard from the Northern Queensland to the Tasmania and South Australia. The habitat of this type of parrot is coastal bush, rainforest and also the woodland areas. It is also known as the rainbow lory which has at least 22 subspecies in the beautiful color combinations of blue, orange, yellow, green and more. When it comes to the food and living area of these birds, they most probably require the highly specific housing and dietary requirements. The rainbow lorikeets are about 12 inches in length and the feature of this bird is really attractive in the rainbow colors. Those visitors who are all first time or frequently coming to the Australia are really stunned with the grace and beautiful appearance of this lorikeet bird.

Once you have visited Australia, the rainbow lorries are very hard to miss because they will definitely come in front of your eyes because of their bright greens, reds, violets and vibrant blue colors. The personality of this bird is generally intense and it is not the shy type species. The rainbow lorikeets are enthusiastic and also bubbly to encourage the play whenever their favorite people are around to it. At the same time, these parrots are constantly lively and busy allowing only lesser amount of time to take rest. The antics of these birds are too entertaining for most of the humans.

The lories usually require different types of die daily but they often require soft foods instead of the hard ones because it is not able to crush the seeds. The main diet of the rainbow lorikeets are the fruits including oranges, bananas, apples and also melons. Similarly, they can also eat some flowers like hibiscus.

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